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Digital PR

As a top Digital PR Agency, we believe in authenticity and transparency to grow your business online.

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Digital PR Agency

How Digital PR Benefits Your Business


Drive interest, engagement and traffic to your website with media placements.


Improve overall organic performance with trustworthy connections across the web.


Digital PR curates an online personality and shapes attitudes around your brand.

What Is Digital PR?

How does it work?

The online dimension opened up a world of opportunity for everyone with an opinion to have their say. But it makes it harder for your brand to cut through the noise unless you know how.

Digital PR takes advantage of the media outlets expanding their online platforms. Over time, we build connections with webmasters, blog owners and online journalists to pitch ideas and feature articles in a way that adds real value to your online marketing efforts.

In fact, our database of partners might not be platforms you’d expect. You don’t have to feature on major glossy magazines to benefit from digital PR. It’s a results-driven formula.

Our proactive digital PR agency in India helps you turbo-charge your brand name. We also help you reclaim your marketing budget because digital PR is totally traceable. Paying to place an ad in a newspaper delivers mystifying and often unmeasurable results whereas analytical experts at our digital PR agency are able to investigate how traffic and authority were passed through to your site online and what benefit it really had for you and your business’ performance.

How Our Digital PR Campaigns Make A Difference

Digital PR works hand in hand with both SEO and content marketing whereby all efforts complement each other.

Building Authority

As experts, we know that search engines mirror consumer attitudes. This means they highly regard authenticity and earned media. Implementing a natural digital PR campaign that achieves placements on relevant websites in articles that are on-topic drives your organic positions in SERPs. This is because search engines recognise this as a natural thumbs up from another website and maintains that all-important relevancy.

We’ll also ensure your brand appears on all third-party platforms and directories that refer web users back to your branded site but also allow customers to share their experiences, cultivating trustworthy user-generated content. We all look up reviews before we buy now and strategically taking advantage of these opportunities elevates the appearance of businesses to fuel sales.

Linkable Content

We take the time to brainstorm your business and also investigate the areas that lend themselves to being newsworthy. Whether you’ve got a new way of doing things, are disrupting the industry or simply work closely with your community, we can make your story work for you. In a measurable and meaningful way, of course.

We’ll also create the news and give your audience a reason to come to you, for example, running a competition on your socials. Whatever your business objective, we take advantage of every date in the calendar and monitor news stories, trends, bloggers and journalists incoming requests to make sure your brand benefits.


Our Team

Why work with Grafizen?

Client Focused

As an experienced digital PR agency, we recognise the benefit of getting to know your brand. How else are we going to accurately represent you and promote your message? We harness your passion and belief and implement it into our own strategies, ensuring that everything stays focused on achieving your KPIs.

Happily Affordable

Outrageous set-up and maintenance fees are an outdated ethos. Our affordable packages allow even the smallest business to succeed and grow. Unlike traditional PR, digital PR can deliver tangible results that contribute to your bottom line. We aren’t scared of showing you how, either.

Experienced Team

Digital PR requires relationships. Our team has refined our PR methodologies and cultivated an online Rolodex of websites that are relevant, authoritative and trustworthy to propel your business. On an ongoing basis, we add to these connections to keep your brand awareness fresh and beneficial.

What We Do