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Our eCommerce SEO agency helps you build brands designed to last, maximise conversions and monetise your sales tools.

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Mumbai's Top eCommerce SEO Agency

Why You Should Work With Grafizen?

Cost Effective

eCommerce SEO means you can build a sustainable brand.


Organic marketing builds an authentic image for your brand.

Long Term

Investment in SEO generates a long-term ROI and ongoing results.

What Is eCommerce SEO?

And why is it so important?

SEO is the organic route to boosting your position on Google.

You can only generate sales and boost awareness of your online store if you can be found. That’s what our eCommerce SEO agency does for you.

Using organic marketing as a channel to generate sales can make your overall conversions more profitable. This is because if you are operating in an extremely competitive market, you’re likely to have a high cost per click which negatively impacts your ROI.

Google algorithms are constantly changing which can mean a lot of fluctuation in your performance. Our eCommerce SEO services help you control your performance and achieve stability. We stay apprised of updates in our industry so you don’t have to.

eCommerce SEO comes with a long list of best practices. However, we understand that you’re in business. When we are auditing your website and preparing a digital marketing strategy, our experts will identify and evaluate the changes that are going to have the biggest impact and add real value to your marketing.

Results for your business

How eCommerce SEO Services Make A Difference

Website Audit & Research

As with all our services, eCommerce SEO rests on research. We’ll investigate your site performance and conduct keyword research to build a blueprint for your growth.

eCommerce websites always have a lot of pages because of different products, categories and subcategories. Naturally, this causes more technical errors, which is why we prioritise site audits. We make sure that nothing is interfering with the user experience of your platform which could impact your credibility and therefore your results.

We focus our keyword research on transactional, valuable terms and map them to your pages. This can be as macro as the category content or as micro as individual product pages.

Our eCommerce SEO agency will execute a comprehensive strategy that focuses on the areas that add value to your site and that can also be integrated into larger marketing campaigns. This means you can double your visibility in SERPs with PPC or execute an email marketing campaign to continuously drive sales.

On Page SEO

As an eCommerce site, it’s unlikely that you want blocks of optimised content interrupting your products. Don’t worry. We balance optimisation with aesthetics, ensuring that your style is not affected.

On page changes means we can capture quick-wins. In house creatives will amend your title tags, meta descriptions and upgrade or refresh the content you do have on your site. We write credibly, but with a flair of creativity, ensuring that the language, style and tone is on-brand with traffic-driving keywords naturally woven in.

Off Page SEO

Off site SEO builds your site up so it can have a real impact on your bottom line. Literally. Building high quality connections that refer back to your site transfers authority which is a ranking factor for Google. Ultimately, implementing digital PR helps you to move up positions in SERPs and fuels organic traffic.

For eCommerce SEO, we can also use this as an opportunity. Gaining placements on relevant websites can also refer traffic and customers to your site. In house copywriters research and create unique off site content designed to target users at the very early stages of the conversion funnel. A link in these articles then refers them to your site, boosting brand awareness and qualifying audiences.

Using industry tools, our team is able to evaluate the benefit of each placement and will continuously measure performance.

Optimisation & Analysis

As we’ve mentioned SEO is constantly evolving. We keep a close eye on your performance, always, to monitor changes to the market landscape. This includes conducting manual ranking checks to leave nothing to chance.

On a regular basis, we will re-crawl your website for tech errors to protect the user experience even as you add products and new lines.

Moreover, analysts at our eCommerce SEO agency use industry tools to identify new and missed content opportunities. This means we can continuously address customer pain points, but also bolster visibility, by encroaching on competitor’s market share and offering new routes for finding your website.

Conversion rate optimisation is critical for SEO, too. With so many routes and paths to take through a website, it can be overwhelming. Our team can streamline the navigation, maximising the number of users who purchase when they visit your website organically.

Case Study

Battersea Spanish is a Spanish cultural centre based in Battersea, South West India. They chose to partner with our eCommerce SEO agency to achieve:

  • increase in Average Position 87%
  • increase in Website Revenue 219.55%
  • increase in Search Engine Visibility 204%

Our Team

Why work with Grafizen?

Client Focused

The team at our eCommerce agency are based in India, but that doesn’t mean you have to be. The beauty of operating your eCommerce store online is that you can do it from anywhere. We believe in mirroring your passion and determination with our own values of transparency, flexibility and proactiveness.

Happily Affordable

We don’t believe that great marketing should cost the earth. High cost and rigid payment plans for the services you need is an outdated ethos and one you won’t find here. The packages we provide are designed for flexibility and to help businesses of all sizes and scales grow. Find the perfect option for you, now.

Experienced Team

Google’s algorithms are constantly changing. In fact, there’s expected to be a tweak to the code every single day and major updates about 4 times a year. As an experienced eCommerce SEO agency, we provide a solution-led service. Our team uses their ever growing knowledge to empower your performance.

What We Do