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Email Marketing

Defining your target audience and researching your competitors to ensure your Email Marketing strategy is always several steps ahead.

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Email Marketing

Why Do You Need An Email Marketing Agency?


Emails allow for easy and automated communication.


Send timely reminders for Abandoned Carts & New Products.

Impressive Results

Emails are now more powerful than ever, offering exceptionally high ROI.

Email Marketing Agency

How we work

We’re an Email Marketing Agency in india and our team of experts will create a detailed email marketing strategy to give your customers even more opportunity to convert. We take the time to get to know you and your products or services; so we can create campaigns that will resonate with your customers and prospects.

Email marketing has changed how you can interact with customers. Now, you can create a conversion-optimised email funnel that generates immediate sales and creates lifelong brand evangelists.

For example, you can expect, on average, to see at least 66% of customers purchase as a result of a marketing or sales email. A pretty good return, don’t you agree?

An Email Campaign is also perfect for plugging any gaps in your customers’ journey. So each marketing campaign is seamless and super effective; allowing you to communicate and interact with them at each touchpoint.

What’s Involved

In Working With An Email Marketing Company?

Building Relationships

Today, we have direct channels to communicate with a customer.

Email marketing is a sales tool that must be fine-tuned and refined. It provides businesses with the opportunity to present personalised messaging to consumers at different stages of the conversion funnel.

Our team of in house creatives write messages that actually say something, blended with eye catching designs that make a difference and work cohesively with other channels.

Ongoing email marketing analytics, sophisticated systems and an authentic understanding of your target audience means we know the optimal time to send an email and how best to present your brand. We can segment your subscriber list to tailor messages even further, for example, dividing by geographical location, making sure that swimwear is targeted to hotter climates. As an experienced email marketing agency, we remind customers of where you are, what’s going on, and what else they didn’t know about your eCommerce brand or online service, always working to boost brand awareness and build a loyal customer base.

Recapturing Conversions & Customers

Research shows that it is five times more profitable to reconvert a warm or previous customer than it is to chase a cold one.

Email marketing has the highest successful conversion rate at 66% of any marketing tool in your arsenal. Tailor made messaging – delivered right to your customer’s inbox – streamlines the buyer journey. With bespoke calls to actions, that are both incentivizing and on brand, we can help motivate customers back to your platform.

Our expert team uses sophisticated analysis and the knowledge you arm us with to fire off carefully curated pieces of content that provide value to your customer. And therefore to your business. Implementing a remarketing campaign that works for you can capture those customers that failed to convert the first time – as is consumer nature.

Case Study

Evergreen Direct

Evergreen Direct is a family-run e-commerce store that provides artificial plants and greenery to customers and clients across the UK. They chose to partner with our Email Marketing Agency to achieve:

  • increase in revenue from email 393.27%
  • average email open rate 34.4%
  • average email click-through rate 8.2%

Our Team

Why work with Grafizen?

Client Focused

No two Email Marketing clients are the same which is why each project is approached with full flexibility and undefined individuality. We harness your passion and belief in your brand, working as an extension of your in house team, however big or small.

Happily Affordable

Outrageous set-up and maintenance fees are an outdated ethos. We do things a little differently at our Email Marketing Company. This means we are committed to complete transparency as well as providing cost effective marketing strategies, whichever service you choose.

Experienced Team

Our marketers hold the highest certifications possible in their field, meaning you’ll have access to in house experts throughout your campaign, working together to improve online performance and real life profits.

What We Do