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Google Advertising

Using a Google Ads Agency for your business is an effective way to harness one of the most powerful digital marketing platforms.

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Google Ads Agency

Why Does Your Business Need Google Ads?


Track every £1 you spend and keep an eye on what works and what doesn’t.


Google Ads deliver results faster than organic methods and are even more traceable.


Drive sales from website visitors and turn them into loyal customers.

Why Google Ads?

Perfect for Small-to-Medium sized Businesses

You can be confident that Grafizen team is a Google Advertising Agency that works in sync with your objectives and your in house staff. Google Advertising is an auction-based system that enables targeted advertisements to be shown in Google search results and on other Google properties.

Best known for being able to attract the right customers at the right time, Google Ads works for small businesses, as well as large multinationals, targeting ideal audiences based on their current and previous online activity.

You’ve no doubt experienced an advert popping up soon after you’ve looked at a similar product. Until you’re used to how and why it works it can be a little unnerving, but it got your attention – right?

We can manage every step – from getting to know your business; to brainstorming ideas; to the ad creation – and everything in between. A unique Google Advertising Agency, we are committed to never forgetting our core values: giving you honest feedback and full transparency on the analytics and results.

Everything is planned, actioned, monitored and optimised so you get value and results. All you need to do is benefit from those results!

What Our Google Ads Company Can Do For You

Work with our team of experts, and stay ahead of the game.

Google Search

With the amount of information available on the web, getting seen in your potential customers’ searches isn’t easy. But it is possible when you know how!

The theory: Google ranking systems allow the search engines to sort through hundreds of billions of webpages in a nanosecond (!) matching people to what they need.

Google themselves explain this by saying: …algorithms look at the words in a query, the relevance and usability of pages, and the expertise of sources and location and settings.

The answer: Google offers advertisements that appear in search results on This type of advertising is an extremely effective way of driving relevant traffic to your website at the exact moment that people are searching for your product or service.

Google Display

The Google Display Network consists of millions of websites across the globe which allows marketers to display their adverts to a range of audiences in multiple formats and businesses can target their ideal customers either locally or worldwide.

But in reality, not everyone who visits your site is going to convert right away – we all research and compare before purchasing. So having a solid remarketing strategy in place is crucial for positive results.

Remarketing through Google Display will bring back the customers who’ve previously engaged but left to ’look around for a bit’. By segmenting those users by their previous actions and intents, and delivering the right message at the right time you’re more likely to convert them into paying customers.

So, if you’re not doing it – call us. And if you are signed up with a Google Advertising agency, but not seeing the benefits – again, call us! Because if you miss this fantastic marketing tool you’re missing out on sales, we promise you.

Google Shopping

If you’re selling products online they need to be listed on Google Shopping.

Showing your products at the very top of Google’s search engine results enables your products or services to insert themselves early in the buyer’s journey. Doing so will drive conversions directly from the Search Engine Results Page, achieving impressive ROI.

Landing Pages

Driving the right people to a client’s site is not enough to deliver results. Your money will be wasted if you’re then not able to convince them what they need to do next. Or, worse still, it’s too difficult to buy from you so they head straight to your competitors!

To make sure this doesn’t happen, you need landing pages that work hard for you. We’re a full service Google Advertising Agency, ready to build you fast, functional, creative pages that are an extension of your website but designed to convert.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Each touchpoint of your customers’ journey with you should, in an ideal world, be converting into sales. But you need to know how this works and what to do, which is where we can help.

Using our expertise to full advantage we review your current customer journey. We explore every step of that journey and take action to ensure it’s as smooth as possible. For example, do you have CTAs that do precisely that – call a visitor to take action?

And are they the actions you want them to take? Call you immediately? Or book a call? Or go straight to the Shopping Basket and don’t ‘Pass Go’!

Do you run regular A/B tests to see if your pages and Google Ads are performing? In other words, what is, or isn’t encouraging people to buy what you’re selling.

When you ask our Google Ads Company to optimise your conversion rates we understand your budget must be used to your benefit. We leave no stone unturned and work with you to leverage the highest Conversion Rates possible.

Case Study

Juvida Clinics offer various hair transplant procedures at their specialist clinics based mainly in Northern England. They chose to partner with our Google advertising agency to achieve:

  • increase in the volume of leads 179%
  • reduction in cost per conversion 61%
  • increase in the conversion rate 1.94%

Our Team

Why work with Grafizen?

Client Focused

No two Google Advertising clients are the same which is why each project is approached with full flexibility and undefined individuality. We harness your passion and the belief you have in your brand, fuelling ambition with data and creative digital marketing strategies.

Happily Affordable

Outrageous set-up and maintenance fees are an outdated ethos. Our affordable packages allow even the smallest business to succeed and grow their sales or achieve their goals. We believe in transparency, from how we utilise your resource to how we present your results.

Experienced Team

Our marketers hold the highest certifications possible in their field: consistently delivering projects with creativity and knowledge. You’ll always have access to a qualified, experienced team member, ready to take your call, answer your questions and refine your campaign.

What We Do