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Google Shopping

Google Shopping Ads are a direct route to capturing the most convertible customers and benefiting from your investment.

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Google Shopping Ads

Why Does Your Business Need Google Shopping Ads?


Track every £1 you spend and keep an eye on what works and what doesn’t.


Drive sales from website visitors and turn them into loyal customers.

Media Rich

Showcase your product to capture the attention of even more consumers and feature at the top of SERPs.

Google Shopping Platform

How it works

Grafizen drives motivated consumers to websites and allows businesses to capitalise on their owned platforms, decreasing the reliance on third-party marketplaces.

Google Shopping Ads disrupted the way we buy online. It presented the opportunity for small businesses to compete with eCommerce giants that monopolise the markets. A strategic and driven approach to Google Shopping Management can see businesses of all sizes thrive and build loyal customer bases.

Today, we all have an ‘on-demand’ lifestyle. This means we want products, information and everything else immediately.

This unique, direct platform expedites the shopping experience, satisfying that consumer expectation without wasting budget on unmeasurable brand-building exercises.

Research also shows that featuring at the top of Google in shopping or search ads also improves Top Of Mind Awareness. This means your brand is the first thing associated with a product or industry – improving retention rates and repeat business.

Grafizen team has a customer-centric approach to your campaigns. That means we always work with your KPIs in mind whilst appealing to your target audience. Our shopping ads are designed to convert; from the language we use to the information available on the final URL, we stay focused on the goal at hand.

Our Google Shopping Formula

Our expert team works to leverage lucrative results, using data to fuel your strategy.


Comprehensive research at the early stages of a campaign is critical for success with Google Shopping Ads. However, we don’t just focus on your most valuable keywords because we never forget about the human touch. We’ll also investigate your audience and how best to appeal to them, devising customer personas to maximise meaningful engagement.

Our dedication to getting the most out of the data we have means that we execute effective strategies from the start. It allows us to capture the most relevant search queries and tip-of-the-conversion-funnel customers.

Ad Creation

It’s time to put that data to good practice. We don’t just manage or consult on Google Shopping Ads, we walk the walk, too. We handle the campaign set up, optimising descriptions and landing pages.

Our Google shopping formula prioritises industry best practices, meeting the needs and requirements of algorithms to maximise your reach and enhance your performance.

Working as one team means that we can keep each campaign focused on its goal. We blend your passion with our creative flair and attention to detail to achieve fantastic results.

Optimisation & Enhancements

Similar to all paid marketing, our approach to Google Shopping management means that we’ll never let your ads go stale. Regularly reviewing the performance of each ad means that we maximise performance and continuously strive to improve your ROAS.

Our approach to ongoing campaigns is a little different to other Google Shopping agencies. We share our insights and analysis of your success, but also of market trends, and offer insights and creative ideas for improvement.

Using industry tools and future-proofed thinking, we are able to identify seasonal trends, market shifts and opportunities for promotion to capitalise on. We’ll then adjust messaging to target those profitable periods.

This adaptive, analytical approach to Google Shopping management is designed to help your business thrive, rather than just tick over.

Case Study

The Camouflage Company is owned and operated by a sister-duo who provide unique, stylish storage solutions for the home and garden. They chose to partner with our Google Shopping agency to achieve:

  • increase in website visitors from Google Shopping 127.4%
  • increase in sales in less than 6 months 178%
  • increase in their website conversion rate 19.1%

Our Team

Why work with Grafizen?

Client Focused

Our Google Shopping Agency works for you. We have an innovative, unique approach to every client we partner with and every strategy we implement. We harness your passion and the belief you have in your brand.

Happily Affordable

Outrageous set-up and maintenance fees are an outdated ethos. Our affordable packages allow even the smallest business to succeed and grow their sales with targeted Google Shopping ads, remarketing strategies and cohesive cross channel marketing.

Experienced Team

Our Google Shopping Agency in India is a team of dedicated experts. We consistently deliver projects with a creative approach, knowledge, transparency and commitment to your success.

What We Do