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Bing Ads

Don’t limit your brand. Using Bing Ads you can capture more marketing share & get the edge on the competition.

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Microsoft Bing Advertising Agency

Why Does Your Business Need Them?


Capitalise on a lower cost per click and a B2B audience than other platforms for enhanced ROI.

Go Global

Bing is more popular in different locations, target a global market with specific, optimised ads.


Track every £1 spend and the granular results of each ad to enhance what works and fix what doesn’t.

Expand Your Advertising Reach With Bing Ads

How it works

Grafizen is a full service PPC Agency. That means that not only can we manage Google campaigns, we are also equipped to take control of your Bing Advertising activity.

Although not the largest search engine, Bing pay per click advertising offers a wealth of unique opportunities. Research also shows that it can offer a higher conversion rate because the audiences are older, have more money and are likely to be more motivated. It’s also recommended as a more profitable route for SMEs, depending on your vertical.

The experts at our Bing Ads Agency help brands leverage this opportunity with performance optimised ads. We recommend this platform particularly for B2B companies as many use Bing through work. Statistically, Bing also has an enhanced device targeting and usership for desktop.

We work closely with our partners to work as an extension of your inhouse team. We use the information you provide us about your project to make sure your paid advertising is delivering for your KPIs. Coupled with ongoing optimisation and insight sharing, we’re able to consistently deliver fantastic ROI.

The Bing Ads Agency That Helps You Thrive Online

Our expert team works to improve ROI and reach new audiences

Research & Set Up

Whether you’re looking to integrate Bing Ads with your existing digital marketing or paid campaigns or simply start from scratch, we’ve got you covered. Initially, our experts will conduct an audit of any existing performance, paying close attention to all crucial metrics and identifying limitations to your performance. We will also research keywords to feed into an optimised and targeted campaign.

Before we proceed to implementation, we’ll also deep dive into understanding your audience. As we have mentioned, there are specific demographics that are the dominant searchers on Bing. We’ll ensure your ads are meeting their specific needs. Audience insights can also impact the format of your ads. As an experienced Bing Ads agency, we are able to recommend when to use Bing Shopping or Bing Search Ads.

Campaign Launch

Our creatives are able to naturally weave optimisation and best practices into your ad copy, taking on your tone of voice and appealing directly to your audience. Once approved, we can then set up or upgrade Bing Ads.

Moreover, we are also able to build conversion rate optimised landing pages to funnel your traffic through to a focused URL. This ensures that we are able to maximise transactions, satisfy the needs of the user and show Bing that you are relevant.

Testing & Optimisation

We have a proactive approach to all our digital services, including Bing paid ads. This means we not only monitor, but investigate and enhance Bing Ads on an ongoing basis. We make sure your ads are never left stagnant or get out of control to ensure we deliver ROI and meet your objectives.

When opportunities to boost performance are identified, we will liaise with your team, implement tests and alternatives to continuously push on your conversions.


Our Team

Why work with Grafizen?

Client Focused

As we’ve mentioned, using Bing paid search advertising can be especially effective for SMEs and businesses working in specific industries. That’s why we always take a proactive, personalised approach to each partnership. We will take on your passion for success but always report honestly about the real results, making recommendations to push on performance throughout our collaborations.

Happily Affordable

Grafizen was set up as an antidote to inflexible, monthly costs. Our India Digital Marketing agency has a different approach to ensure that getting your brand seen and found online is possible for all budgets. Bing Ads are often the chosen option for brands because they have a much lower CPC. We’ll take your budget and achieve its full potential, whilst working flexibily for you.

Experienced Team

Our Bing Ads Agency is full of talented experts that hold the most relevant and highest certifications in the industry. We consistently deliver excellence, executing projects with creativity, open mindedness and dedication to your success. You’ll be appointed a dedicated Bing Ads Manager, who will be an expert in PPC, as well as another account manager to ensure you’ve always got someone to contact.

What We Do