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Our Twitter Advertising Agency helps you make a big splash with a small character count.

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Twitter Advertising

For Small-To-Medium Sized Businesses

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Nurture Customers

Instantaneous messaging and live tweet reactions help you control your story and streamline conversations

Showcase Personality

Let your voice shine with creative content to establish brand loyalty

Grow Audiences & Sales

Promoted Twitter advertising can reach over 140 million daily users

Twitter Advertising That Does More

Tailored For Your Businesses Growth

With over 300 million active users and over 5000 tweets every single second, it’s hard to cut through the noise on Twitter.

However, research shows that 50% of users are more likely to buy from a brand they follow on Twitter.

Twitter is almost like the off-duty platform for businesses. The approach to marketing must suit the channel and what users expect from it; being overly promotional and spammy deters customers from engaging. Our expert Digital Marketing Agency in India knows just how to strike the balance.

Our Social Media advertising experts ensure you stand out from the crowd and connect, interact and engage with valuable users. We create integrative, organic and paid twitter advertising campaigns, focused on the metrics that matter to you, building top of the funnel awareness, nurturing relationships or converting customers.

Twitter is a reactionary, immediate platform that establishes personality and as consumer behaviour continues to shift, research shows that brands need to give consumer’s something to believe in and that personality is going to play a massive role in future buying habits.

Our Twitter advertising strategies put you ahead of the curve.

Why Advertise On Twitter?
Organic Tweeting

Twitter advertising is all about harnessing your USPs, finding your following and capitalising on it. However, a long term following that’s going to contribute to your bottom line and add value to your mission requires you to be authentic and active.

We’ll optimise your profile to appeal to new followers and to boost brand awareness. But we’ll also engage in fellow user’s content, capitalise on trending topics and create engaging content based on a strategic, content calendar designed specifically for Twitter.

It’s more critical on Twitter than any other platform that you have a clear message, brand and aesthetic. Effective, incentivising and inspiring accounts still only have a very limited space to say what you have to say but our in house creatives are adept and maximising every character.

This is designed to encourage interactions from others using the platforms. We can tailor our call to actions and engagements with your business objectives and Twitter advertising KPIs.

Promoted Tweets

Ad formats are relatively limited on Twitter, but that’s what the platform is all about – providing digestible, exciting snippets of information or content that makes the user want more. Our Twitter Advertising Experts take advantage of that.

Promoted tweets appear in targeted user’s newsfeeds. We strike the balance of capturing attention, without appearing foreign and irrelevant. We use analytics to target specific, relevant audiences with individual ads. This means we can optimise and tailor promotions designed to maximise results and achieve KPIs.

Promoted Tweets and all ad formats on Twitter also have a very clear, single call to action. It keeps the user focused. They’re short, sweet and simple but can be endlessly effective with the right data to support campaigns and the creative flair that comes as part of the package here at Grafizen.

Promoted Profiles

Promoted profiles also appear in your audience’s newsfeed. At our Twitter Advertising Agency, we’ll use the information gathered from our conversations and analytical tools to identify audiences to present your account to.

This is a popular, fast-track way to build your online following and therefore benefit from those more inclined to buy from a brand they connect with.

Using promoted profiles ads on Twitter means you have the opportunity to influence fans for a long time after they’ve hit that follow button, offering increased engagement and ROI.

Promoted Trends

Want to trailblaze and start a national – or multinational – conversation? Twitter advertising facilitates it better than any other platform.

Promoted Trends appear in user’s timelines, as well as the ‘Explore’ tab and in the app for maximised exposure. But this kind of Twitter Advertising needs to be nailed and we don’t leave it to chance. Our team research and test hashtags and interests as well as custom, targeted audiences for ultimate impact.


Our Team

Why Work With Grafizen's Twitter Advertising Agency?


Our entire ethos is built on being transparent and delivering honest results and insights. We’ll keep you and your team in the loop at every step of the way, available to discuss insights and brainstorm new ideas to ensure you capture attention and breakthrough on Twitter.


The content published to Twitter should have a purpose. We work closely with in house teams to achieve objectives and KPIs, using the information you provide us with to fuel dynamic, results-driven campaigns that will benefit your business for a long time.


Being affordable is, of course, relative. Again, we’re a little different to other Twitter agencies in India. We’ve created our unique ‘hours’ packages; allowing you to decide the budget that’s right for you. Because we know great marketing doesn’t need to cost the earth!

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