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YouTube Ads allow you to capture convertible attention on the second largest search engine in the world.

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YouTube Advertising Agency

Why Does Your Business Need YouTube Advertising?


Analysis of YouTube advertising data improves ROI and fuels long-term performance.


Brands connect with relevant audiences and expand their reach at the top of the funnel.

Media Rich

Showcase your product and tell quick snippet stories to capture customers, even in niche markets.

YouTube Ads Platform

How it works

Capture market share, meet new customers, convert online and tell your story with performance-driven YouTube Advertising

With over 1 billion hours of video currently available, 31 million channels and another 100 hours of content uploaded every minute, advertising on YouTube can be a minefield. Particularly for an SME.

Grafizen helps brands capitalise on new opportunities and optimise existing revenue streams. For many, YouTube marketing may previously have seemed unrealistic. Working with our team, it’s not just a reality but an opportunity to grow online.

YouTube ads work on an auction-based system, similar to Google search ads. Grafizen has a team of experienced PPC experts and creatives that ensure your content makes an impression and a real, positive impact on your business.

At our YouTube Ad Agency in India, we connect brands with users, but also align them with relevant creators. We build trust with viewers and increase transactions by placing your YouTube ads on the most appropriate – and therefore actionable – videos. The platform also facilitates hyper-focused audience targeting matched to your objectives through affinity audiences, competitor and keyword targeting, retargeting or channel analysis.

We can manage every step of your campaign, implementing a full funnel marketing strategy, optimising YouTube ads and feeding insights back to your team.

What Our YouTube Ads Agency Can Do For You

Our expert team works to improve ROI and reach new audiences

TrueView YouTube Ads

TrueView ads are the snippets of video or slides that pop up at the beginning of a video that are skippable, normally after 3-5 seconds. These ads are charged on a cost per view basis, which means you only pay if a user watches more than 20-30 seconds of your branded content.

Typically, this format for YouTube is used for product-focused marketing or brand awareness. Showcase a product or simply highlight your brand, using emotive storytelling devices. There is no charge for clicking through to a landing page or channel, so we ensure that the call to actions are clear and engaging.

Experts at our YouTube advertising agency will focus on interested, motivated audiences and exclude those topics, audiences and channels that are not going to benefit your brand.

We optimise and manage budgets to maximise results in line with your KPIs, whether that’s to increase your social media presence or convert customers online.

TrueView In Stream Ads

Rather than at the beginning of a piece of content, these YouTube ads will appear mid way through a video.

This format allows for longer ads for up to three minutes, which can work to engage and incite an audience. However, they have a reputation for being disruptive to users. As these ads can also be skipped after just 5 seconds, it’s crucial that brands make an impact, whilst streamlining to relevant viewers.

Grafizen ensures that all our YouTube ads clients are distributing their budget optimally across this platform, as well as any others they may be targeting. We monitor and analyse watch time, view percentages, view duration, click through rates and other meaningful metrics to make sure each ad is performing well for your money.

Bumper Ads

This YouTube ad format is only 6 seconds. It’s about urgency, reminding and re-insurging whilst naturally entering the consciousness of users.

Grafizen helps your short but sweet ads have maximum impact. This type of ad can facilitate measurable growth across multiple channels as well as for your business’ bottom line.

Our experts will provide industry advice on best practices as well as actionable insights for all kinds of YouTube advertising, monitoring and reporting on meaningful metrics, managing campaign set ups, implementing full funnel, strategised campaigns as well as ongoing optimisations.


Our Team

Why work with Grafizen?

Client Focused

YouTube marketing is all about showing brand personality and telling a story. That’s why we use a proven methodology for all PPC campaigns, but not a rigid framework. Each project is approached with full flexibility to ensure we meet the goals that mean the most for your business and deliver for your audience.

Happily Affordable

Grafizen was set up as an antidote to inflexible, monthly costs. Our India YouTube Advertising agency has a different approach to ensure that getting your brand seen and found online is possible for all budgets. We’re also happy to have honest conversations when things aren’t going as projected.

Experienced Team

Our YouTube Ads Agency is full of talented experts that hold the most relevant and highest certifications in the industry. We consistently deliver excellence, creativity, open mindedness and dedication to your success. You’ll be appointed a YouTube Ads Manager as your first port of call for any questions, or info you might need.

What We Do